We love coffee!

Right before you step in our store you come in with some some options in your mind. Once you have decided on the coffee you want we can customize it for you, just ask one of our baristas.  

All of our coffee is roasted. Definitely among the lighter roasted coffees out there. We also carry a dark roast but if you like a dark roast coffee you might be surprised with how good some of Argentina Bakery's coffees taste when prepared properly.

We think that a lot of flavors get lost by pouring a longer shot.  Second, if you're not used to single origin espresso the flavors can be a bit shocking, usually super concentrated fruit flavors. So, do not hesitate in trying, you will be amazed of how good we are!

Do you drink lattes?

So creamy and delicious, we just make the best latte ever.

Some of our best sellers are

  • Coffee and Milk,
  • Teas,
  • Expressos,
  • Frappes,
  • Lattes and,
  • Iced Coffees


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About Argentina Bakery

One part coffee house; one part international grocery store; two parts bakery – Argentina Bakery guarantees to provide the most delicious pastries around

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